Store checkbox Items as data in list?

TLDR; when a checkbox is checked - how do I add that value(text) to a list in the data base.
for example:
I have about 10 items as checkboxes - each checkbox is named a type of software. I want the user to be able to check what software they are comfortable using, and then add this to their profile data.
I’ve been playing with it but the only result I can seem to store is if the checkbox is checked “yes/no”

right now the workflow is - Change: Current User - data is a text field/list called “software Packages” Software Packages Add - This Checkbox’s value

Hope this makes sense -

New to this, please forgive my ignorance if this is an easy question.
I’m working my way through the tutorials and going through some of the no-code knock offs to learn. I’m working through building a linked in clone right now and I can see an actual use case I’d like to prototype.


Hi @tim16,

You can add 10 workflow steps, to change the current users software packages (software packages add X". Each workflow step would have an only when condition for when X checkbox is checked.

Does that make sense?

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Thank you so much the response. Let me see if I can work my way through it and figure it out with that guidance.