Add friends RG and My friends RG not displaying data from DB

Hi everyone!

I’m building a management app for a sport that contains the following features:

  • Activity
  • Friends
  • Matches
  • Reports
  • Leaderboard
  • Settings

The DB, for now, has only one table:

I’m currently facing an issue where I can add Friends but they are not displayed in the “My Friends” repeating group. However, I can see they are added and removed when I add/remove them (button remove).


I added a text layer in the repeating group but I always receive the following error when pulling data from the current user Friends (List):


What am I doing wrong?

Common problem when working with User datatype. Privacy rules by default prevents the users to be listed, searched etc. You have to add some proper privacy rules to the User datatype: Protecting data with privacy rules - Bubble Docs

Current privacy settings:

This is how you should design w.r.t. your app design. But when you check all of them, you should see that it is working. But this technically means opening all data of the users. So be careful in this front, and put some thought on it.