Trouble with a repeating group

Hello all! Quite new here.
For some reason I can’t figure out for the life of me why this repeating group is not cooperating. The repeating parts are all jumbled together and no information is showing in the repeating group not even simple text. Below are the images of the app and the preview respectively. Any help is appreciated thanks.

Have you checked privacy settings for your custom data types?

If you don’t mind me asking how would this affect the repeating group? There are no privacy rules that I have put in place yet. Would you mind ellaborating?

So if your custom data type is not publicly visible and privacy rules are applied (as on default User data type) you will not see Thing’s attributes displayed in the RG.

Btw, have you used inspect tool while previewing your RG? Does it load any entries or it has an empty value?

yes looks like the text is showing in the html. Im quite sure my custom data type is visible.

Check in the inspector what is the result of “do a search for” in your RG

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