Add images to Dropbox or Box -> Add to a "list of things" in Bubble

I would like to manage the “list of things” of my app directly from Dropbox or Box account to have always in sync.

I have a type called “IMMOBILI(house)”. One of the fields of IMMOBILI is “IMMAGINI(images)” that is a “list of images”.
My IMMOBILI type is a listing and the IMMAGINI are the photos of the listing. So I will have one folder in dropbox (or Box) for each listing.

I would like to add, remove and change the order of the images directly from the folder in Dropbox or Box.
So for example if I add one photo to dropbox I need that it is added immediately also to the list of images in Bubble. The same if I remove it or if I change the order of the files.

  1. Is it possible?
  2. If yes, I need to use Dropbox or Box? or both okay?
  3. I would like that not only me can do this but also all the people that have access to my folder in Dropbox or Box. They doesn’t need to have an account with this services but if I share with them the access to my folder they can add photos to the folder to show on Bubble.

Here is my repeating group to show the list of things “IMMAGINI”:

Thank you very much for any help

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