Need Help with App Concept - Drag/Drop Gallery

New to Bubble and have heard that the forum is extremely helpful. Essentially what I need to do is create a catalogue of images per category so my clients can then select (whether check box or drag/drop) those images together so see how they’ll blend (and change out selections if necessary). Once they have their final selection, I would need it to send me the results (not necessarily the images, but at least the name of the product images for reference on their selections).

If that was too vague, we build outdoor and interior living spaces and I need to be able to show clients how the material colors (pavers, veneer, countertops, backsplashes) etc. will interact so they can make a tentative material selection for budgeting.

Any advice on how to get this started or recommended tutorials? If there is an easier way to do this outside of bubble, I would be open to it – I’ll still try utilizing bubble for other needs in the future.

Thanks in advance.

In principle very doable in Bubble.

It is a good generic description of the app. I would recommend that you draft a UI so that you can come to grips with yourself on how things should work in more detail. :grinning:

Shouldn’t be a problem at all from what I can see.
There’s a good plugin if you want to use drag/drop called Draggable Elements that you can use.

That last bit - “I would need it to send me the results”.
You could have a section in the app where you work and you can see all the selections your clients have made in a list with the possibility of clicking on an item in the list and opening the details of it. No need to send things anywhere other than possibly an email that tells you someone has made a new selection.