Add marker to map when location clicked

Is it possible to create a marker and possible an event when clicking the map?
I was thinking like click the map and create an event like concert in the park, garage sale and so on. Then have a popup show with category and so on.

You can certainly do it at the map centre with the existing Bubble Map.

I was thinking right click map and a popup would show auto populated with lng/lat and you can add a description to the event then create a marker for that spot.


I was wondering how this would be possible (using the standard bubble map)?
I can see in the workflows that actions are possible for existing markers but I do not see option to gather the geo address from a click on a map, without a marker already created…

I would like to be able to display from that map a list of markers (which can be easily done using the map) and also to add a new marker from a click on the map… . But I do not see a way to be able to have both of these features using the same standard bubble map… Am I wrong?

Thank you for your answer!

You can add a marker at the centre of the map. And then add some sort of “target” image in the middle.

With the standard map you can’t add a marker at a location you clicked on.


Thank you! I’m gonna find other ways so :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!

I was having this same issue so I ended up using the mapBox plugin.
But its a paid plugin so I dont know if it will suit you.

In the event you wish to use the MapBox plugin

Add a mapBox element to the page
Create 2 states attached to mapbox element–> MapLat> Number, MapLon>Number
in workFlows → “do when condition is true” only when "MapBox A’s Mouse Lat is not Mapbox A’s MapLat and MapBox A’s Mouse Lat is not empty
Do what ever condition toy want here at this point and then as the last item (or first) → set state–> MapBox A’s MapLat = MapBox A’ mouse Lat (and same for MapLon state too)

with this you can for example add a marker every time the map is clicked. But if the user drags the map or use the zoom buttons it does not initiate the add marker action.

FYI @vini_brito’s Leafy Maps plugin now has this functionality!


Hi @robhblake - how do you add a pin to a LeafyMap?

I am not sure what to add in the lat/long parameters I am asked to fill (screenshot attached)

I even have a problem in showing the map in Preview mode while I see in the editor (screenshots below)

Thanks in advance!

also trying to figure this out. you got anything?

“Google Map” is a paid plugin, which allows you to create a marker when clicked on map
Just use the “Map is clicked” event with the “Add a staticmarker” workflow in it.