Add more than one item in the list type custom state

I have a custom state of type (list), but I need to include in this list, an item more than once, but the Bubble does not accept :Plus Item - It only adds, if it is not in the list. Is there any solution for this, including the item, even though it is already in the Custom State?

the work around that I have used for this is to have another custom state set right before your list custom state gets set which appends a unique identifier at the end.
For example if your list is:

and you want to add banana again, you append a “.1” or “|1” or “_1” so that your new list will be:
apple, banana, carrot, banana_1

then when you want to read from the list, you extract with regex everything before the “_”.

N.B., ideally all items in the list should have the same format (i.e. apple_1, banana_1, carrot_1, banana_2…)

There could be a better work around but you are right, bubble does not allow for duplicates in lists

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A simple trick is to add them in a csv list (single test string) and split them by comma that will convert this to a list of text


This is a better work around than mine


Or you could use List Shifter instead of a custom state. List Shifter has a “Custom List” output and you can push items onto the Custom List using the “SET Custom List” Action in conjunction with the “Concatenate List” option set to “yes”. Like so:

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Thanks Bubblers for the support.