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Hi all, how can we add duplicate values to a custom state list. I am trying to add items to the list on button click but it does not add any duplicate values, is there a work around this or how can it be done, thank you.

Most of Bubble’s list operations filter out duplicate values. There are a couple of exceptions … how useful they are depends on what type of values (database things vs texts/numbers), and where you want the list to end up.

Thank you for the reply. I am trying to add items through a button click on a form. The items are database things, and duplicate items can be added by the user. How can i collect duplicate items from the form and manipulate them before post, is there any other data type other than list for such operations or am i missing something?

To fit into Bubble lists, you’d need the items to be referred to from a list that is unique, for example:

list of -> order items

order item:
product -> product
position: number (if position of items relative to each other is important)
quantity: number (if it suits having duplicates as a count instead of another order item)
discount/price: number (if price changes per user or per volume)

standard price

In my example, the user picks from a list of products to create order items. I’d have an additional level “order”, containing a list of order items.

FYI you may get more relevant answers if you give more detail about what an item represents.

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After much exploring around but still no solution. I have created a simple test app to show what i am trying to achieve,


It contains a dropdown from which a car can be selected, an add button that adds the selected vehicle to a list. But i need to add duplicate and multiple vechicles to the list/or something else. So the user can manipulate the list as he/she chooses before submit.

Can you please have a look and see how this can be achieved, thank you.

I created a “Vehicle Selection” data type, which handles the many-to-many.


Thank you NigelG, that explained everything.

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