Add rows, 2 repeating groups

I have setup two repeating groups on the same page. The end user can add rows to the repeating group using the following;


The problem I have is that I only want the rows to be added to the first repeating group, not the second as well. I can’t work out how to achieve this, if anyone can advise it would be appreciated.

Hey @john6. If I understand correctly, you have two RG’s that have the same data items, and would like for one to remain constant, but the other to reflect additions, correct?

If so, you could do this by creating a custom state somewhere, set that custom state to the original list of the RG, and then set the static RG data source to be the list that is on the custom state.

When the page refreshes the static RG would then have the additions, but if you don’t want that, then you probably should look at how to differentiate these items, either by having different items altogether, or a field allowing you to filter them out.

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense, and I will go deeper into details for you.


Thank you, very helpful and resolved.

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