Add only the items on first pager page of repeating group

Hi all,

I have tried everything. I am obviously missing something simple…but what?!

I have a repeating group and I show the values in this repeating group per two. So suppose I have 20 entries in the repeating group list, I will have 10 pages of 2 entries each.

I want to be able to add the two values on that repeating group page to a custom state. So I have a button and attached a workflow.

I am able to add the whole list to a custom state, but I only need the 2 values I am seeing while pressing the button.

I have tried using :item until# and set it to two. This works only for the first page. It seems it is counting the whole list so the next page is not 1 and 2 but 3 and 4 and therefore it does not work.

Anybody any idea how I can add the two values shown of the repeating group list to a custom state?

Any help or idea is much appreciated!

Do you have something unique that identifies each item in your repeating group? If so you can use :plus item in your workflow and filter on the unique identifier. Here’s a couple videos that should help you.


Hi Joey,

Thank you so much for taking the time.

I do not have a specific ID or anything. It is basically a custom state that I present as a list. It shows two values of that custom state and I let users do the following:

  • let them select one of the two values they like the most
  • let them select both values when they are unable to choose.

In both cases, the values need to be added to a new custom state.

So my issue remains how my button can select only the two presented values and add them to the custom list. After the user made a choice, the next two values from the list will be shown and this process continues until the last value of the original list is presented.

Hi All,

I have been working on this and I get closer but this gives other issues.

So I have a RG of two columns showing a value in each columns. The issue is that I need to use one button to select those two values and add them to a new list.

What I have done is using additional states to count which position the values have and by using those numbers to do [RG - custom state - :plus item and then I simply take the numbers from the states I defined previously and add those items to the new list.

Issue is now, apart from the fact that this workaround is difficult to maintain and to keep it free from bugs, is that I am now unable to sort the list randomly as the item numbering is not changing.

It seems so simple…press a button and put the two visible values in the RG in a new list (custom list) but even this workaround gives issues.

I tried to use the index number, as the index number is not changing and on every page remains 1 and 2 in my case. But it seems also impossible to have a workflow that says…if index number is 1 or 2, add the accompanied cell values to a new list.

So still lost how this can be done in an easy way that works.

Anybody having any idea?

I have solved this issue.

When you randomly sort, make sure you do so before you reuse that custom state in a repeating group. When you sort it randomly before you place it in another custom state and show that new custom state your list will always be random but the list item number remains the same.

In order to add one or more current cell entries in a repeating group list, simply add a workflow that will add item # to a new custom state.

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