Add/Set list of multiple values to State at once?

Hey all,

I’m working with a select-multiple list of users like this

Users have a field Hair Color with options Blonde, Brown, and Red.

I’ve added buttons above my RG that say [Select all Blonde] [Select all Brown] [Select all Red]

In my workflow, using :plus item will only allow me to add one at a time.

How do I add multiple things to a state list at once?

You can merge lists, I believe. Or, use multiple actions each with a single new :plus item.

“add list”

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Merge lists is a good tip, I’ll try that out.

‘multiple actions each…’ – are you suggesting run an API workflow on the list here?

Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be an option. I think the merge option is the best bet. Thank you!

Merge worked, thank you!

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