Add multiple custom states in a single workflow action now possible

Nice! Adding multiple states in a single workflow action now possible, just noticed.



I think there is a slight bug though, see 1st and 3rd (view mode) - the Value should be optional and not required, throwing an error in the issue tracker @eve

Also, it sure would be nice if plugins had access to this type of interface (the “+ to add” [set of inputs] )…


Major time saver!

@keith I already talked to Bubble team a long time ago and they said they added that to their backlog, just no ETA.

About the feature: Awesome! Would be even better if we could pass a list of state names and another list of values to easily set 50+ states with one single and easy action.
I once used browser automation to set all those states… didn’t really wanted to click hundreds of times :joy: and think of redoing it manually for whatever reason.

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