Add text from one multiline input to another with a button click


I have a main multiline input (a) that I’m using as a work diary and a second smaller multiline input (b) with notes.

I’ve tried creating a button that, when clicked, copies a note (b) and inserts it the text the diary (a).

I’ve used the ‘input b value append input a value’ but nothing happens (though the inspect shows they combine in placeholder just not showing).

Is it possible?



diary entry…text

multiline input ------diary’s diary entry

when button is clicked, make changes to parent groups diary…diary entry = diary text append input b’s value

One way can be:

  • put input b in a group
  • add a custom state of type text to the group
  • set input b initial content to this custom state
  • on button click set the custom state value to ‘input b value append input a value’ and reset the group

Thank you @ksplinter007

I’m sorry to ask, I’m a complete novice and it took me quite some time to even get to where I am now… could you give me a bit more detail/explanation on your guide?

Thank you @dorilama I‘ll give this a go too.

you need a database type called diary

add a new field named “entry”

add a group to the page
data source for that group is "do a search for diarys: first one

multiline inpute in that group
data source for that input is “parent groups diary’s entry”

add another input, add a botton

you can type in second input.

when you click on button, the workflow is

make changes to thing
parent groups diary
select the “entry” field.
the expression should be " parent groups diary entry append input b’s value

that is the entire description of how to do what youre trying to do.

Hello @ksplinter007 ,

Sorry to say that didn’t work for me. Thank you for your help.

Hello @bookscovered ,

Here is the solution to your problem. Create a custom state as shown in the screenshot given.


Start the workflow with the click of a button and set the custom state value as shown in the screenshot:

Set the custom state value for the second multiline input in the initial content as shown in the screenshot.

This method will resolve your issue. If any further assistance is required get in touch with me on:
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