A couple of questions about links

Hi everyone, I have 2 questions that I am trying to find answers to. I hope someone can help me with these.

  1. Is there a way to create a link that will navigate to a specific element in a repeating group?
  2. Can I automatically modify the value of a multiline input that already contains some text by appending an additional piece of text to it (like a link)?

I would highly appreciate any feedback. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @grimlyanin100

  1. When the page with the repeating group is loaded with a specific parameter (e.g., URL parameter holding the unique id of an rg;'s entry), use a workflow to scroll to the element or adjust the repeating group to show the item of interest via conditioning the rg’s row.
  2. Use a custom state in a condition of the input to set its initial content. To append a link you could do something like multiline input’s value _ h t t p s / : etc etc

hi @grimlyanin100 :wave: to answer your first problem: you could make the page’s type of content the data type of your repeating group, then when you link to that page within your app, add the entry in your repeating group as the data to send.
Then, on the page with the repeating group, set a workflow to run when Page is loaded to Scroll to entry of repeating group that matches the data in your page URL.

could you explain more about your second query? won’t the multiline input contain text entered by an app user?

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Hi Carlos,
Your answer to my first question is very helpful, thank you for that :slight_smile: The second one is a bit tricky though, because from what I understand, the initial content modifies the value of the input only if the input is empty. I have tried this method a couple of days ago, and it was modifying the content successfully when the input was empty, but if it contained some initial value, it wouldn’t append my link to that value. Any idea how this functionality could be achieved?

Hi Gregor,

Thank you for your helpful response and the reference links that you attached. I learned some new things when I was reading them. As far as my second question goes, the multiline input could contain some initial text entered by an app user, and what I am trying to do is to give them an option to click “attach a link” button, select a specific option, and when they click that option, the link to that element in a repeating group would be automatically appended to the initial value of the input that the app user has previously entered.

I think the sensible thing would be to alter the text after the user has finished entering their initial text in the multiline input. Presumably you’re then sending this text with the appended link somewhere, either in your database, to an email, to their clipboard etc?

It could be sent either as a comment or as a direct message. So when the “send” button is clicked, there is a new thing created in the database (either a message or a comment), and then people who receive this message/comment would be able to click the link and be navigated to the item in a repeating group that the link is attached to.

By the way, I tested the solution you proposed for navigating to the specific element in the repeating group and it works! Now I just have to figure out how to append the link to an existing value in the input field.

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Where exactly are you trying to do this?

In the multiline input element itself?

Or somewhere else?

If the latter then it’s simple (just append the link to the text).

If the former, there are a couple of ways to do it, but I’m trying to understand your use case and what you’re actually trying to do…

In the workflow where you’re creating that message/comment in the database, you can use :append to add the link. If you’re looking to give users an option on whether to include the link, you could include a checkbox and then use the :formatted as text option when writing the entry in the database. For example:

Comment = Multiline Input A's value:append Checkbox A is checked:formatted as text
then, in the formatted as text dialog box, you’d set ‘yes’ as the link and leave ‘no’ as a blank


Imagine you are sending someone a message or writing a comment under a post. As you type the content of your message, you can click a “link” button that lets you choose from a list of links. When you click one of the links, it gets appended to the content of your message that you were typing. When you send the message, it should send the content of your message + the link that you attached to that message.

In the ideal scenario, I would like the value of that input to look like this message right here. You see how you have created a comment, and it also contains reference links within the Bubble library that I can click and navigate to these pages? I would like to achieve the same functionality. Ideally, the final output would look like this:

Hey Gregory, I think I got the solution for what you are looking for. Here is a link to the article that will explain how it works.

*Obviously, substitute the word link with the actual link to the article.

Send it where?

In any case, it sounds like you’re talking about ‘tagging’

It can be done in Native Bubble (or with some JavaScript), but if you want to have anchor text for the link, then there’s no way (as far as I can tell) to do that with a Bubble Multiline input element… so you’d need to use a rich text editor instead of an input element).

(if you didn’t need the anchor text, and could live with just the link itself, then it’s simple to do in native bubble)

Ah, I see what you’re getting at. The easiest solution is probably to encourage your users to use BBCode, since Bubble’s text elements will recognise that automatically. So they’d need to put the link in the comment themselves, as below:

Here is a [url=https://example.com]link[/url] to the article

I don’t think there’s a good way to insert a link into text like your example without a user doing it themselves, because otherwise they won’t have control over where it appears.

Looks like I can enable users to automatically attach a link to their message, but only if there is no other content entered into that input. So If the input is empty I can let them attach dynamic links as “initial content” for that input, which doesn’t necessarily work if there is already an existing value in that input. Now that I think about it it would be nice if there was a plugin that would let you attach links as part of your input without typing it like this

Here’s a native Bubble example, using Bubble’s rich text editor.

Add Link To Input (bubbleapps.io)


Wow, thank you Adam! This is exactly what I am looking for.

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