Add texts to a List of Texts

Hi! I want a user to add (in a form) different Text elements (all them entered in a text box and separated by commas) to a field in the database that is a list of Text, but at the end of the form, when it is created in the database. So I want to add to the list of Text different texts (one per piece of text between comma and comma). However, I don’t see how translate a single text into different texts to be added to a List of Text. How would you do this?

Another option would be creating different text inputs, and then saving them all. Is there a way to do something like this: “add all these texts to this List of Text” like in a for loop?


You can use “Extract with Regex” to do just this.


This will return a “list” of texts that are separated by commas. I use this for a list of emails from a csv.


Hi @NigelG! Thanks, that’s awesome! It is exactly what I needed. Really appreciated! :smiley:

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