Combine all values from state list into 1 string seperated by a ;

im using an api that only takes 1 long text value. the data i have is in a list

i wanna combine all the lists elements into 1 text state so the 1 text value will be:


so i can transmit it to the end point.

how do i do this?

there’s no easy way to do this. The only thing that I could imagine is have each element add their values to a list data field and export that to the api, although they would be separated by commas I think.

You can do this with the :join function on the list’s text field specifying “;” as the parameter…

Your List’s Text Field :join ;

Hope that helps!

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awesome it worked! do you know how the extract with regex would be? would i just put the ; for the regex pattern to turn it back into a list?

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