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Hi ! Tell me please who can help me, how can I do at the “add to cart button” (market food with delivery) the + and - ?
like - add to cart +

Hey @mady.mady16 !
There are many ways to do the needful. I would suggest you to add a data field in User as Cart and set it’s field type as list of products and in workflow you can add and remove products from a users cart.

Below I’ve attached a screenshot of how database works.
Hope it works!

Thank you

This. I would just have a cart as a separate data type. You’d store products and retrieve the proper cart for current user in a RG where Cart Creator = Current User

I’ve done that(((

It didn’t work?

The only reason it might not work is the data visibility. Either you have missed to specify Data Source in RG. OR you’re applying ‘wrong’ Privacy Rules to the data you want to display.

“add to card” works… but + /- where use can delete or add something it’s imposible
ok…I did that with aditional icons:D but… I don’t thing that is correct… and workflow at those icons I dont know how to do…

You’ll have to do this using custom states.

  1. Set a custom state on Quantity. Type of CS should be number.

  2. Workflow for “+”: Element Actions > Set State > Current CS value + 1

  1. Use the same logic for “-”. Element Actions > Set State > Current CS value - 1

but where how to do to appear “element inspector” ?

Click on “i” icon on top. Right across “Input quantity”.

Thank you man

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