Add uploaded files to a thing

Hi all,

I have been struggling with uderstanding the behaviour of the file upload control. Basically I want to be able to upload multiple files and attach those files to a thing, I want to be able to refresh a repeating group with links to the files as they are uploaded and I want the files to be deleted if/when the thing gets deleted.

So far I am able to upload the files and attach them to a thing so in file manager I can see the unique ID they are associated with. However, I now need to somehow populate a field in my things table to point at the files so I can then retrieve them in a repeating group and delete them when the thing gets deleted.

From what I have read I think I need to run a workflow to populate my things table with references to the documents in File Manager but to be hinest I am struggling to see the wood for the trees.

EDIT:- I have it working to the extent that I can now add files to my thing (I added a button and run a workflow) and I can retrieve the huge fiile name in the RG but I want to be able to add the document to the RG each time the file uploads and also I just want the file name with a link to the document.

Any pointers please or examples out there?