Stuck for ages on this - delete image from dB in RG

Dear All,

I have a list of images/files saved to the dB using the Multi-File Uploader. I have them displayed in a RG with a small ‘x’ top right so users can delete them. But try as I might, when I open the workflow it doesn’t show Make changes to a Thing>Current Thing>images Remove, Parent Group’s image’s URL. Can someone give me a top level briefing on how I should structure my groups and data sources? Coz I’m sure that the root of my problem…
Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 21.57.00

When you say you have a list of files/images saved to the DB, do you mean saved to your file storage?

Or have you created ‘things’ in your database as well?

It’s not entirely clear what you’re asking, or what you’re trying to do here?.. delete things from the database? or delete files?

Thx Adam. The Multi-File Uploader saves the images in Box and in my dB I have a Thing called Inspections with a field called propertyImages which is a list of images.

When I upload the images a workflow sets a state and adds the uploaded images to the state which is a list of files. Then, Make Changes to a Thing>Add States item#1 etc.

So for my user to delete an image after upload, they hit a little red cross but that doesn’t allow me to Make changes to a Thing. I tried setting the state but it won’t let me Remove or Minus and item.

I have managed to add to the workflow ‘Delete Uploaded Files’ and that seemd to have half done the job, but the propertyImages are still in my dB.

So in essence, what are the normal steps to unwind/delete an image given the above?

Hi @martin10

In your case, you have to use two commands. One to delete the image from your data base (Delete thing) and other to delete the uploaded image (Delete an uploaded file).


What is the content type of the RG (I’m guessing it’s Image or file - in which case you can’t make changes to the current cell’s thing, as there isn’t a thing to make changes to).

Presumably it’s the Inspection that you want to make the changes to, so you’ll need to refer to that somehow in order to make changes to it.

What it the datasource of the RG?

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