Added Feature vs. Creating a New App

I’ve got a live app that is performing poorly in the marketplace. I have another idea for an app that would be marketed to the same audience and is in the same niche, but am unsure if I should add it to my existing app as a seperate feature or create a completely new app with this as the sole use case. Has anyone experienced the same?

From a business perspective, it depends on a number of factors. I would first try to find out why the first app isn’t performing well. (ex: Is the UX/usability lacking? Lack of demand? High price point? etc…) Depending on the answer, you may want to add the new functionality to the initial app and make it the driving feature (both in the app’s design and in marketing/branding). That way you can still make use of all the work you’ve already completed for the first.

Thanks very much for your reply @willtaylordesign. Feedback from my target market would be lack of demand, but I think the ‘added feature’ will remedy that issue. I really like that you said that I can already make use of the work i’ve done so far, that makes me feel a lot better because I certainly think there is a use case for the original app idea. Thanks for the response!