How to create a copy of your app?

Hi all,

Anyone have experience making a copy of your current app in order to make (significant) changes and then cut over to the new version?

I’ve made a copy and am working to clean up a bunch of old files (why does a clean list of pages feel so good?!) and workflows and will want this new copy to be the main app soon.

While I won’t be using all of the original data types, I won’t be deleting them so I can, hopefully, do a data migration.


Anyone with experience willing to share any insights?


Hi @hi1 - would creating new pages by copying existing pages work for you?


I believe in your app’s page, there’s a duplicate app button, near edit.

That allows to copy data too.


Not really… that’s what I had been doing with a “18-” before the page name so I could track them and see them at the top of my page list.

At first I thought this would work great, but I realize that there are a bunch of frankensteined pages and the Issues Tracker is super helpful to make sure I’ve recreated everything with updated workflows.

Ironically, that solution is what got me into this file & workflow bloat mess! :slight_smile:

Yes! I used that and the data moved over wonderfully… but what I’m curious about is making the switch from the current app to this new one. I know I’ll need to upgrade the new one’s plan (it defaults to the lowest plan) but I don’t know much else about what needs to be done to make this process as simple (read: error-proof) as possible.