Addend fake email domain to allow username only login

Sign up and login would be so simple if I wanted people to use email. For my application, users will be suspicious of email logins. So I would like to have a text field for username, then, if its not a valid email, I would like to addend (I just made that up) to the username, so I can use the normal sign in methods.

I did find this for retrieving users by email, but this is not what I want

I want to sign people up without requiring an email. Its just for keeping track of people with their data.

Hi @hirscr,

I think I get what you want to do…

User enters username / password, and you can trigger “Signup action” where the username is saved to a custom field in the User type, but the email used to sign up would be something like "[email protected]"

And then for logging in, the user will type in their username, but for the login email you do “Search for Users :first item’s email” - where the search has a constraint “username = input’s value”

Does that flow work for you?

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Yes exactly, that is what I would like to do. The logging in part I found the answer. But I dont see how to the do signing up part when the username is not an email address. I dont see how to addend "" to the username.