Adding a checkout system


I have a company website on bubble and wanted to know how can i add a payment checkout on a third party and/or a checkout on my website. Stripe isnt available in my country and im having certain issues with PayPal.

Can anyone help me to fix this issue please!

Thank You.

bumping this topic.

To start I would find out what payment services you can use in your country, then find out if any of them have a well established/documented REST API so Bubble can interface with it

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i have a way right now but no sure if it’ll work. So in Paypal Business, there is PayPal Checkout. When u choose integrate, you have quick setup for individual items (copy and paste code) and you can standard integration, which requires coding.

So i chose Quick Setup for Individual Items. I kept it and tested it from SandBox of PayPal.

but not sure if it works on live version.

Is there anyway else i can add it? cuz im also trying to add a Checkout page on my website.

Make sure your live keys are properly configured for the live version.

Real question: why not sure Stripe?

For a checkout page, just put the PayPal checkout button on that checkout page….

stripe is not available in my country, so i cant use it. and for the checkout, i mean like full checkout to write all details.