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Is it possible to create a custom checkout? I do not really like stripe. I also want to accept paymenth methods that stripe does not have. And I want the user to fill in their creditcard on the website, not via a third party service. Like in the image below.

Hi Alex,

Yes, I’ve seen this done before.

You just have to setup API calls to the payment processor.

Credit card details and names will be entered into your checkout page.

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Any suggestions?

Which payment processor are you planning to use, if not Stripe? (or are you just saying you don’t like Stripe’s hosted checkout page?)

@adamhholmes Yes I do not like the stripe hosted checkout page. I want the user to pick their payment method on my website. Like in the image below, this is from you can look at their website to see how they did it. A custom checkout like this is pretty common for larger brands, only amateurs would use a stripe checkout.

I suppose you can still use Stripe via their API.

You can still use Stripe for payment processing and build your own checkout page.

Yeah, I meant are you planning to use Stripe or some other payment processor (and if not Stripe, then what?)…

@adamhholmes If you think i can build a checkout page like this with stripe then I will use stripe, but using their hosted checkout is a no for me, same like the shopify checkout, i hate it.

Use the bubble built stripe plugin, and create your own checkout page.

@doug.burden can i build a checkout page on my website, or can you only customize the stripe hosted checkout?

Are you familiar with Stripe’s API and the Stripe.js library?..

If so, it’s fairly straight forward to build your own custom checkout pages in Bubble…

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You can make it 100% custom on your site. All the checkout page has to do is provide the info to the user. Then use the bubble built stripe plugin to process a payment via ‘charge’.

@adamhholmes No i am not. I also couldn’t find any information about this online.

@doug.burden any videos/tutorials?

Stripe’s developer docs are among the best available in my opinion… everything you need is in there, although if you’re not familiar with APIs and custom JS it will take a bit of time to learn…

Stripe Elements | Stripe Documentation

Stripe API reference

There’s also the Stripe.js Bubble plugin that you might want to look at:
Stripe.js 2 Plugin | Bubble

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