Adding a Customer URL with Bluehost DNS

I’m running into issues setting up a custom url from my DNS, Bluehost. I know I need to update the name and www ip that’s shown in bubble:

But Bluehost doesn’t have those options and instead has @, localhost, ftp, autoconfig, autodiscover, and mail. I updated @ and local host over a day ago:

It’s still not working after over 24 hours (more like 40 right now). Any tips? Should I updated all of the IP address to this new one just to see if it’ll work?


Are you sure you can’t type www? This is how I set up mine on Hover.


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It doesn’t look like it. It shows an editable field, but I get an error when I try to change it to www. I tried this in each row.

Lol, I just tried WWW with caps lock on and it worked… we’ll see if this will kick in by tomorrow.

Did caps work?

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