Adding a multiplied number to a time (+minutes)

Hi everyone! Hope to get your help here.

I was wondering is there a way to add a multiplication to a time?

Some context, a barber shop is open at 8am. People are inputting their names into the queue. I have a repeating group with all their names, in the order of the queue. There is also an index to track the order they are in the queue.

I would like to to show the time that a person should reach. Say 8am + (3x12mins) = 846am. Something like that!

Unfortunately Bubble only allows one thing to be added into the time.

Current Page’s Barber’s Last Updated +(minutes): Current Page’s Barber’s Average Waiting Time.

Help please!

Welcome to the forum @d8rrenho!

You can do the multipication inside an Arbitrary text:converted to number


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You legend. It works perfectly. Many thanks dude!

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