Adding a price per item on a repeating group list

Hello fellow bubblers,

I need some assistance with adding prices to a list.

i have a custom state called “checked procedures”, every time a user checks a procedure the item is highlighted and when ‘next’ is chosen it saves the checked procedures to the user.

my data set is as follows:
a clinic date field, a lost of procedures data field.

as an option set i have procedures, which include the procedure name, image and price (number)

i need a way to store the price via the input box in the repeating groups for items a user has selected.

I can provide more description if needed.


If i understood your problem that you want to save input data of each field to each cell in repeating group
→ you can use auto binding ( you can check it from input field ) this will allow you modify an existing thing in the database .

Hey, thanks for your response, when i select the option im getting,

the parent element and the page have no type of content or it is not modifiable

you should pass data to parent group of input field and it will work .

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