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Repeating Group with Input as Quantity

Helo, I would like to make a Repeating Group with products with Plus/Minus for the Quantity for each respective row products, like a Shopping Cart.

I would like to use Custom State to save the values, May i know how do i save the Quantity as well to match with the Selected Product ?

Thank you.

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A simple way is to create the custom state at the cell level and not at the repeating group level. This will duplicate the custom state for all the cells that your repeating group has.

However if you want to create a cart feature, it would be better to store the data in db rather in custom states. As you’d lose all the progress if the user refreshes the page.

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Helo @sharma.himanshu0608 , Thank you for the reply.

You mean like this per cell ? But I can’t get the value. I mean when I submit or just put in inside the Input for me to check, I can’t find the cell state value in the editor
? Apologize as I am still new to Bubble.

If storing the Data to db, will it be slow when there is more users in future ?


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Yeah it won’t be possible to reference the value in the workflow section.

Storing the data to the db would be simpler. I’ve created a cart page which you can check out. The UI might be a bit off. Just go to the Product data type to find the name that you can type in the searchbox

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I see. Alright will take a look. Thank you @sharma.himanshu0608

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