Adding 'Add-Ons' to Cart sub-total

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I’m a bit stuck with a current project. I’m working on an eCom store build in Bubble and I’ve managed to build a Cart which works great.

However, I want to be able to upsell customers and add the ability for customers to buy ‘add-ons’. I’ve created a repeating group with ‘add-ons’ and checkboxes in the repeating group e.g. ‘logo design ($100)’. I want to set it up so that when the checkbox is selected, it adds $100 to cart total.

My DB for this is structured as follows:
Product datatype
Add-On datatype
ItemCart datatype

So far I have managed to setup the cart with the correct sub-total for the product but not the add-on. I’m just not sure how to define the checkboxes and send the add-on price to the cart. I’ve read it could be custom states but can’t seem to figure this one out.

For some additional context, here’s an image of the current cart workflow that works fine. I’m also wondering, once I am I able to assign the checkboxes a value based on the add-on and then do I + it in this workflow?

Any help massively appreciated!

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if you added your addons as a data type with a price assigned, you should design the workflow to add the addon (make changes to the user’s cart when icon is clicked. Your buy now button would charge the current user each addons price + your current setup. Hopefully this helps. I had the same setup for my store previously but have upgraded my store.