How to transfer product checklist to cart

Hello, I am having trouble creating an add-on menu for my products. I am looking to make a simple DoorDash style Ecommerce design where the customer utilizes checkboxes to choose what they want as they scroll down. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Cart field is a list of products, so you cant pass a list of addons to it, youd need to pass that to your addons field.

Looks okay BUT having these separate will create headaches in a lot of situations, like 4 different burgers and 4 different add-ons = which one goes with which.

I would instead have a datatpe which combines these like:

Order Item
Product = Burger
add-on = Bacon
total price = 5.99

That make sense?

I appreciate the response.

And under this “Order Item” datatype would the add-ons be setup as a list? How do I set up the workflow so that when the add to cart button is pressed the list of add-ons will be sent to the cart?

Yep as a list of add-ons

Yeah I would be storing these as an order, then sending that order to the checkout page.

I think I am on the right track with creating a new order now, but am having trouble displaying the individual “add-ons” list one at a time within the repeating group on the checkout page.

I would suggest displaying it as nested repeating groups

so one RG for the order items, within each cell there would be an RG showing the current cells order items list of Addons.

If that makes sense?