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Adding ads to videos

Okay, let’s say I create my bubble app, a platform where users can come and upload video contents online and I wish to monetize my application with Google adsense, for example.

How do I add the ads in the videos the users has uploaded on my app?

Can this function be done automatically?

I want it to be as simple as youtube mandates an ad that automatically plays at the beginning and end of a video.

I would appreciate knowledge on this, be it Any plugin or tool that helps the platform admin to automatically do this for videos.

Thanks in anticipation.

I would also like to know if there are any solutions for this or 3rd party ad platforms that integrate with bubble.

Found this which may be possible:

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This may be of some help. I have a plugin which, amongst other things, will allow you to do this. The AD section of it allows you to have up to 3 videos appear at specific time intervals during the main video and set options that allow it be skipped at certain times or not at all etc.

There’s a bit going in this page so let it load up then click the small AD button which shows here. After clicking it, the first AD kicks in after 5 secs, second at 30 secs and third at 55 secs. Note the first video which appears on that page is only 40 secs but you can try another video which is longer.


It doesn’t use any other services since I built it myself but you can control any AD’s using one of the actions that look like this. The image below shows for the first AD controls, the second and third AD’s have the same settings.

VideoJS Advanced + MUX (All Media) Plugin | Bubble


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