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Video ads in application

Hello all!

I need help…
I want to add ads to my application.
I need video ads that can not be closed only after a specific amount of time.
I also need this to be as a website but also the app must run on Android and IOS.

Please help.
Thank you!

There several creative ways you could accomplish this but the core idea behind it is, to use the "do every x seconds. When video appears or is played use the “do every x seconds” to display a button or element to cancels the ads.

For the android and ios part, you could create a blank android or ios app and use the browser feature to connect to your mobile version of your app. Your mobile version is just a copy of your normal web-pages that are resized, the users are directed to these pages when they are on their phones.

This is probably your first time on bubble, a good advice I could give you is to focus on learning how to use bubble and use the resources on this forum and the reference page before starting to build your app.

Hope this helps, if any questions or clarification, let me know.

Thank you for your reply!

So, let’s say gives some kind of code to put in my app so that the user sees the
ads after a certain task.
Can you provide me with an example, please?

Also, please tell me how can I make my app run in the android market and or IOS market.
I do not want to make a website, I want to make an application.

Thank you!

Here is a link of an example

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Cool example!

But can you turn this into a mobile app ?

Because if I go to the Developer section in Google Chrome and select that layer
I can hide the ads :frowning:
Also in a browser, you can have an ad blocker and your revenue drops :frowning:

Hi @tudorbarnsley,

I just finished recording an online course on how to build an Android app using Bubble. I already have an iOS course up, but if you wait about 24-36 hours, you’ll be able to get them together at a cheaper price. :slight_smile: