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Adding an attribute to data point if it is going to be blank most of the times increases data size


I have a question on database structuring.

In my user database I want to store a field. This field will be empty most of the times, but will be non-empty in some cases.

Two questions here:

  • In such cases, is it advisable to rather create a different data type with mapping of user and that field to save user data from bloating up?
  • Also, whenever a user’s data is loaded in front-end, will it add to the payload even if that extra field is empty?

I am inclined to add it as a field in user data type itself directly as it makes the searches and references faster but wondering if I am going to increase the data loaded in all the cases for few cases when that field is going to be empty.


PS: It would be nice to have ChatGPT go through forum threads and be able to answer our questions. Often there are long threads to go through with no clear idea on which thread and which post answers our question.


For one field, No

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Thanks @boston85719, that helps.


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