User Attributes Table - How to Link

Hi all, first-time poster. I’m hoping you can help with the structure of the databases.

I would like to create a table that contains a users personal attributes. As an example, one of the attributes is “Weight”. I want the user to be able to use a form to update the attribute and I want to keep a history of all the updates and when they happened (assuming I can use Date Created for this).

Question: Do I create a new table with fields for all the attributes and then have the user add entries to that? Do I keep all Users’ entries in the same table? How do I link these attributes back to the right user in the User table?

Thanks in advance!

Assuming I’m understanding correctly, you can add a “Weight” data field to the User data type… make it of type text and have it be a list. That way, you can collect weights over time and add it to that data field.

Does that work for your use case?

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Thanks! I went ahead and made a separate table for the attributes, because I have to do various calculations on the inputs depending on whether the user is entering in metric or imperial units. I didn’t want to have to have double columns for all (three) of the physical attributes I’ll be collecting.