Adding API list to Database

I have a thing in the database called “Drivers” and it has fields such as “Name, Number, ID, Location” I have a External Api source which gives me a json payload with a list of drivers by there ID and there name, number, location. How can I add this list of drivers coming from my api source to the database and filter it in a way that if the driver is already in the database from the pervious api call then it would check to see if the location field value has changed and update the value if it has changed from the current value which was added from the pervious api call. I would like the workflow to run every 30 second.

The goal is to have a database of drivers and there most recent location every 30 seconds. Also I see I can change the field type to a api call in the database but where can I setup the parameters for that api call which would populate that field?

In your API workflow you would need to use conditions to check if the location has been updated for the drivers…and only then update that driver…

I assume each driver is being identified by some unique key.