Adding clickable links using the CoPilot SendGrid plugin

Hi folks,

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong here? I’m trying to add clickable links using the @CoPilot SendGrid plugin. Bubble Support told me to use ‘format as text’ as shown in the screenshot:

Unfortunately, instead of getting Climate Team as a clickable link, I’m getting the following as raw text in the body of the email:

[url=]Climate Team[/url]

You might note that this is supposed to be a list. Each item on the list will refer to a notification received on my app during the past 24 hours, and clicking any one will take the user to the relevant page on my app. I am only using the words ‘Climate Team’ while I try to figure out what’s going on here.

I have also tried adding the url in the same way without ‘format as text’, and I have tried making it part of the ‘Description for email’ so as to avoid setting anything up in the CoPilot plugin. Unfortunately, both result in the same issue.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @robin.wyatt,

The output of the text you are using is in BBCode ([url][/url]) which cannot be parsed by SendGrid. Instead, you should look to pass URLs in their standard format ( and use the name of the tags in your Dynamic Template. In order to handle the list inside your template, you could take advantage of the Handlebars templating language which SendGrid documents here. It’s not the simplest setup but definitely a use case SendGrid supports for sure.

If you continue to encounter issues or feel like you need more hands-on support specific to your application, try a Session and we’d be happy to go through your setup with you. :computer:

Thank you for your reply, @CoPilot. I was indeed using handlebars, and ultimately worked out that by using HTML at the time of capturing my ‘Description for email’ (i.e. not in the plugin action), I was able to pass my clickable links through to each list item. Here’s a SendGrid article on acceptable HTML formatting, for anyone else who finds themselves wondering how to do this. Here’s an example:

Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 8.55.15 am

I now get a list of notifications passed to SendGrid, and in the emails my users receive, each timestamp is a clickable link that will take them through to the right part of my app.

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