Urls not recognized on SendGrid emails

Hi, I have an issue when sending email through SendGrid plugin. When I am using urls in the email body they are not recognized on actual email. Did anyone ran into same issue?
Maybe it is because I am using free testing subscription? Thanks! :wink:

Hi @d.norkus - it’s been awhile, but in the past I’ve passed url’s to Sendgrid (using plugin) and didn’t have any issues (free plan). Are you getting an error or does the email from SG not add the url or ??

I’m also using SG’s Legacy Transactional Templates.

Hi, @nikolai!
I use rich text editor to insert a link and to edit the body of the email on the workflow. When I get an actual email I can see that the link is underscored, but it is not clickable. I don’t get any errors. :thinking:

Hi @d.norkus - hmm, I actually create all my message content in Sendgrid and not in Bubble. For any personalization, ie person’s name that email is going to or a custom URL, I pass those variables using the VAR value from Bubble. See example below.

Are you passing your email message, including the link, as a VAR to Sendgrid?

Workflow step

Workflow content

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@d.norkus Did you get this resolved? I am having the same issue.

@nikolai I have the variables set up correctly. I am using This URL option in Bubble, but current users link is doing the same thing.

I added {{VAR1}} on the SendGrid side, and it works as expected when attached to a button, but when I attach the same information to text (ie. create a link) The link is broken.

Hi @davidtgilpin - below is a copy/paste of what’s in my SendGrid template. The value for %VAR2% from the Bubble side is a User’s Link. Note I’m using %VAR%, not {{VAR}}. Have you tried it with % instead of {}?
NOTE: The VAR2 below is not the same VAR2 I show in the image earlier in the thread. VAR2 below is an equivalent to VAR4 in the earlier image.

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Thank You!

Thanks for the quick reply @nikolai. I found a different way to create the link and it will accept it now. Strange. I cannot recreate the error, but the input screen for the link now has different options, so I must be on a different page.

I will post an update, if I have the problem again.