Adding (external) chat function to bubble-website / Developing own chat function?

Hi Guys,

I have 2-3 questions and I would be so thankful if somebody could help with his knowledge.

  1. Is it possible to add external chat functions to bubble-websites?
    With external chats I mean things like these services:

So, a chat-plugin (javascript) is installed on the website and the user can chat with an agent. All the communication etc. is going through the external chat provider.

  1. How many hours would it take for an average bubble-developer to program something like this?
    • Visitor can open up chat
  • Pool of agents get notified that somebody opened up a chat
  • Every agent can look at the first lines of the chat and then take over the chat and talk to the visitor. Chat is now blocked for all the other agents
  • Integration with slack
  1. What do you think would it cost to let some of the professionals (AirDev for example) develop this kind of function? Just an estimate.

  2. What is the status of the development of a chat function from bubble? Is this something that could come in the next couple of weeks/months or is it still far away?

Thank you!!!

From what I can see, there’s already a plugin in Bubble that will accomplish what you are trying to do:

Look for “Olark Live Chat” in the Plugins section of the editor.

ah ok wow. Thanks!

However, their pricing (in my opinion) aims more at companies that already have revenue etc.
For a startup/project it seems a bit high if you want to have a couple of agents. Is there a possibility to add an alternative like:

Of course, I would even prefer to build it completely on bubble (I would be even OK with a much simpler solution).

My problem at the moment is, that I still dont have a general understanding of how the different things/actions should work together in order to create for instance a message board or chat etc.
I am watching the videos now for the second time and they are very helpful. However, they explain a particular problem in details and for somebody who has no idea about the logic etc. behind programming it is hard to get an overall understanding. Like: I have to start with X than Y should display A and Z should copy X and save it into a DB etc. etc.

Is there any source for this or would somebody be willing to chat with me from time to time about general things and give hints etc. So I can go from there? I would of course “buy you coffee”/pay for your efforts.

Thanks guys.

PS. That does not mean that I wont try hard and keep reading and try & error as much as I can.

Something I built with Bubble:

  • Use a repeating group to display “messages”.

You can put it in a Floating group or pop up and call it any time


Hi - could you steps or video to show how you built this.

Hi @alice.chikara, try the City Voting tutorial as quick start, and instead of cities try to use text messages.

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@csfalcao thanks, will check it out.

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Hello @Pat,

Did you achieve anything with the integration?


check out @brentsum’s site it’s built on bubble, and incorporates intercom’s chat feature. he said it wasn’t that difficult to implement it, but i haven’t tried it yet myself.

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Yes, I´ve seen the site but it´s not fully integrated since it´s not getting the logged in users.

But thanks for pointing out that @thedistrict

@brentsum , which lesson this integration is featured in? I definitely want to check it out.

@csfalcao Can you show how you built this?

Hi @Blake The tutorial mentioned was the base: type the message and when clicking the “comment” button you create a message. In the Repeating Group display them by doing a search for “messages”. That’s the core features than you build upon that: UI, notifications, send files, etc.

If you’re looking for a real-time chat solution for end-users, do look into the AtomChat plugin for Bubble.. It’s an affordable and quick solution for anyone looking to add chat to their website and those who don’t have the resources to build a solution own their own.

maybe this can help Responsive Messaging 2.0 Template | Bubble (messaging / chat templates that can be integrated in any existing bubble app in 5 minuts)

sorry to ask but where is the tutorial you said?