Special chat app features? Anyone know of any solutions?

I am wanting to integrate a chat app into my bubble app. There are a lot that allow for chatting with customers, but that isn’t waht I am looking for. I have a bunch of users that chat with admin user of the app but I don’t want them to chat with each other.

Now I can build that in bubble itself, but I would rather this be something that is hosted on another platform so as not to bloat the database with chats.

Does anyone know if an app that is out there where the admin gets to say the users only gets to chat with certain people? That would be amazing :slight_smile:

lol, anyone?

Do you have more than one admin of the app? I’ve set this up through Intercom for clients by only showing the chat box to logged in users with a specific role.

You said you don’t want to bloat the database but I have also built this directly into Bubble with no issues so I wouldn’t worry about that if it makes more sense.


This case is fairly complex. It might only be able to be build in bubble :(.

Thank you though.

If you’re still looking for a chat plugin, to let end users chat with one another, do look into AtomChat. The chat solution is quick and robust and lets your users text-chat, video and voice chat in no time!