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Adding Hammer.js library to Bubble can remove 300ms webpage click delay

This looks really awesome!!

One of the biggest appeals for creating a hybrid app, is to incorporate native elements that promote smoother transitions and faster response time.

By adding this “hammer.js” to the Bubble framework it will offer a subtle yet very important performance upgrade (particularly for mobile web apps and hybrid apps utilizing a web view - that use touch gestures).

I think this could be a really critical integration. Bubble already offers a lot of ability to mimic a native app experience - but because the apps are all served over a browser, our apps are unfortunately locked to this 300ms delay. (My Bubble app is not live yet and certainly not on dedicated servers - but even during development, I notice that the clicking of elements does indeed seem to have a “browser related” delay).



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I also upvote this. A faster response time is critical for my native application.

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We use fastclick that does the same thing.