Easy way to add “touch feedback” to everything?

As we all know, disguising a Bubble app as a “native” app with a wrapper isn’t fooling anyone just yet. As things need to load and reload, the illusion is dispelled quickly. The most painful part however, is feeling like taps don’t register in a wrapped Bubble app. You tap an element and wait to see if it responds. Since Bubble pages can sometimes take a few seconds to load, the lag effect is enhanced.

Is there a plugin or a way to add some tag to any element that would then make it bounce when tapped? This would go along way into making things feel more native.

Thanks guys!

Hi there, @alejandrowunderlich… this might not be what you want, but Bubble does have an Animate workflow action that can be used, for example, to make a button bounce when it is clicked. It couldn’t hurt to check it out, if you didn’t already know about it.


Hi alejandrowunderlich, i sent you a pm about a topic (unsplash). Would be nice if you can have a look. Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback!
Yea, I’ve tried this one. It’s tedious to add to everything and it’s not that great.

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