Adding multiple profiles to the same user with different details

I’m trying to create a student learning app where the parent controls the student profile. How can I add multiple students to the same parent? If we can add multiple students, is there a way to access these profiles seperately.

Parent can have a field of type Student (marked as a list).
P.S. Don’t forget to establish correct privacy rules.

It sounds like you have a situation where you have multiple types of user (some are parents, some are students). You’ll need to set some kind of flag on the user record to let you know if a given user is a parent or a student, and then you also probably want connected parent and student tables and a relationship between them. Each user of the system will need their own account, and then your site logic will have to treat those users properly/show each one whatever pages/features they should see.

This student being another table or just a datatype?

So, basically parents and students are Users. To distinguish between them you can have a field “Parent” (or whatever else). Now you know who is who.
The next step is to connect “parents” and “students”. You can add a “Students”/“Children” field (type User, is a list) under User data type. And now you can add “students” to this field.

P.S. You can setup a separate DT for storing “parent” - “student” relations, but if you Parent can’t have large amounts of “students” - a field that is a list of “students” within User DT is enough from my POV.

I’m thinking something similar to Instagram where you can switch between profiles. But in this case with same email and password to access all students of that parent.

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