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Need To let the user share his information

Hi there, i need help with this issue please
i have a school app where the students and parents assigned together in the DB, i have a student card for each student in the school which has all the student’s information and their parent’s information as well, the student data type has field called assigned parents where the parents assigned to their students and the assigned parents field = (list of users) so the parent =user

here is a ref for what i did
as you can see i assigned them through a constrains says assigned parents contains current user
so when the user is logged in and assigned to this student in the database he will see this card if he is not assigned he will see nothing and this is the problem because i need other users to see this card with this student information not their.
i tried to make a page as a profile with a type content = user and the data source = current page user’s but i failed and i don’t know whether this is the solution or not

thanks in advance

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