Adding/subtracting a date to a list of dates

Does anyone have a clever way to to add or subtract a date to a list of dates
In that image I have Group Date - Online’s date (which evaluates to a single date) and I want to see how far away it is in days to each item in my list of dates (which is Current user’s purchased programs: filtered’s Start date - evaulates to a list of dates)

Clearly bubble doesn’t like this. It works fine if I choose the first item in the list because then it’s just date minus date. If anyone has any clever work around to this I’d be very grateful.

I know I could write a plugin to do this but I’d really rather not have to go through the hassle.

There’s no map-type operator for lists in Bubble, so you could use a plugin for this, like Parallels, which can do this sort of operation on a list of dates. Should be possible in the Transform Dates action.

Please note that dates are points in time so the idea of “adding a date to a list of dates” doesn’t make any sense literally. Though of course you could add some DURATION to a list of dates (e.g., take a list of dates and move them forward in time by one day by adding “1 day” to them). Transform Dates can do this.

Awesome. Thanks keith. Yes sorry. I was only trying to subtract. When I wrote the post for some reason I added in “adding” but clearly that makes no sense.
I will check out the plugin. Much appreciated

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FWIW, I’ve interacted with other users who built little plugins for solving some specific date-related task who were later like, dang, I wish I’d have known about your plugin first.

(Though note that this one is pretty much feature complete and I don’t really anticipate updating it much in the future except for compelling feature requests. I’d also like to update it to the most recent version of Luxon as there is probably a substantial reduction in core Luxon code due to recent enhancements to date-related APIs in the browser. But that’s not really an urgent thing. Basically, it does what it says in the plugin description and does it well!)

Good to know. Ill definitely check it out.