Methods for arithmetic on a list of dates?

I’m trying to process a list of dates and add 1 week (for example) to every item in the list. Something like “DateListField :each item +weeks: 1”. Is that remotely feasible in Bubble right now, or am I out of luck?

  • I’ve heard that the Listshifter plugin can do this with the ‘Process List’ action. This isn’t ideal for my purposes since I’d like to be able to manipulate the list of dates in the backend, but I wouldn’t feel confident with it anyway because it seems prohibitively complicated compared to other Listshifter functions I’ve used and loved in the past. If anyone has an example to provide related to the Process List action, I’d love to see it since that action would still be very useful in other areas of my app.
  • Since I’m trying to do this in the backend, I know that theoretically this could be done easily by running an API workflow on the list of dates. In the era of Workload Units, I’m sure I don’t need to clarify why I’m looking for a better solution than that.

Also, this isn’t as big of an issue but does anyone know why you can’t combine lists of dates? For example, if I have a database item with a list field on it, like a Basket item with field ListOfFruits, I’d expect to be able to combine with “Do a search for Baskets :each item’s ListOfFruits” and get a single combined list at the end. This doesn’t seem to be possible with a date list. Why???

Can you just use the make changes to a list of items action? Assuming you dont have more than 10k records it will be fine

Also re point 2, you can, take a screenshot of the issue you’re having with it?: