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Additional Constraint For Logging In


I am running a marketplace with two types of users: “owner” and “worker”
I’d like to check if it’s “owner” or “worker” logging in, and I will show a different UI according to who is logging in.

Is there a way I can do an additional constraint when checking the login credential?
Here is what I have now:

The yellow part is what I put in now, but it’s not working. I suppose it’s because there is no “current user” yet since no one has logged in yet.

How can I add an additional constraint for login?


The login action is the same for everyone, since you can’t know beforehand the type of the user. But then you can do 2 things:

  • show hide elements based in the user type in the conditional tab of the property element of the editor.
  • have a user is logged in event with a condition (in this case, probably 2 events since you have two user types)
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