Signup/ login error

Hello People,

I’m having a similar question with 2 user types…

I’m trying to create a website where 2 types of users should be able to sign up/login:

user 1: EMPLOYEE
user 2: EMPLOYER

Every employee (of different companies) should be able to login.
When they sign up or log in they are redirected to their dashboard
where they can see all the created projects

when the user sign in as employer they will navigate to job post page

I hope there is some solution for it.

Yeah just use an option set to say if they are an employee or employer, add this as a question at sign up, then make conditional rules on your page routing workflows to send them to the right one :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying oliver
Can you help me to add the workflow action?
I’m little bit confused here

Sure thing, let me know which parts? Do you have a field on the user already to identify which type they are?

Currently I’have added the checkbox and apply the condition in workflow if the checkbox is check then it will navigate to other page.

Instead of that, you need to store this information on the user profile.

So at the “sign the user up” state, you can add a field to the user and indicate if they are an employer.

Then instead of using the checkbox condition in the workflow, you just change the condition to be if current user is employee do X.

Does that make sense?