Address input auto suggest dropdown

Hi there,

I am using the address input to add markers to a map, whenever I do the lesson it shows a dropdown below the address input to suggest addresses. But on the input I built, it does not show. Any ideas?

Having the same problem…

Hey Kyle,

I figured it out. You need to setup a google api key for the dropdown to work. You can generate one once you sign up for their service and then input into a field in the settings of bubble!

Sorry, would you mind walking me through this? I’m lost on how to do that. If so, thank you!

I am having the same issue. I have entered the API credentials from google but my address drop down is still not auto completing / suggesting an address as I type.

@Kamp did you figure this out? I’m having the same issue now - I’ve entered the API creds and the dropdown doesn’t seem to care.