Address input suggestions dropdown issue

I added a search box input with geographic places for the users to enter their address.

But I can’t seem to figure why it’s not working?

Hello. Can you take a screen shot of the conditionals tab for that search box?


Hey @joseph.farinhas

Here you go!

very strange. have you tried deleting it and creating a new one? Or without deleting it, create a new searchbox below (in the same group if you want) and see if it works? Are there any workflows tied to the searchbox?

I actually had deleted it, and created another one (the screenshot one).

It stopped working after adding the Google API keys. Not sure if that’s relevant, but even before that It was reporting the 3rd condition. The only workflow tied to it is creating a thing in the database with field type address.

i do not use any google api keys on my sites. maybe the key is not configured properly causing it an error? can you somehow test the google api key another way? maybe a map or something?

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