Address Fields Not Working

So I just noticed that fields I have in my app for address are not capturing the addresses to the database. Infact, the “Searchbox” with geographic places/locations are not returning any results. And each time I type in an address, the fields are highlighted red…as if the input is invalid. I have had instances in the past where the searchbox or address field wont automatically return addresses, but it was temporary and when I manually typed in the address, it accepted it. But never before did it flag the input as “invalid”. It is happening in development and live modes and it’s happening on all browsers.

Its freaking me out and I am wondering this is due to any major change on the Bubble platform that I may have missed. Is anyone else experiencing something similar? I’ll appreciate your help with it.

I also noticed that when I add a map to a page, there’s a notice that says “this map couldn’t be loaded”. So I’m not sure what’s going on.

Are your Google API keys in order?

The API keys are still intact and I don’t have any notifications or reasons to think its not working. And I’m not sure how to check it. It’s strange because it just happened randomly. The app has been working fine and users have been able to use it. And all of a sudden, all the address fields just stopped functioning right…both in development and live.

Hey Adam, it was a billing issue. Your pointer to the “API keys” led me to double check the account and google cloud account. And sure enough, my project was linked to a “closed” billing account. It was quite a process of trial and error, but I was able to change the billing account and now its working. Its strange because I didn’t get any notifications about that expired account. But glad it’s working now. Thanks!